Wednesday, 21 April 2010

a strange way of booking...

Well yesterday I was told, on ringing the Marsden, that they absolutely could not tell me any of my appointment times for the coming treatment until I go there on Friday for the first one (they were kind enough to give me a time for that one). The woman I spoke to explained that if they do it like this for everyone it works out fairer in the long run. That old first-come-first-serve treatment that some people delude themselves is fair rears its ugly head once again (although why this wouldn't mean my appointments were sorted out weeks ago I'm not sure). How, I asked politely, can it be that if you treat people the same you end up treating everyone fairly? Take someone who might have no schooltimes to work round, no work commitments (as I currently don't for example), and has a partner with a car who equally has no commitments. Couldn't that person actually be more flexible than someone on, say, hospital transport, or with work commitments that are urgent, or with childrens' schooltimes, or an elderly relative to look after who might have appointments of their own to be taken to, or who don't have a car or anyone to take them? (Or in my case who would simply like to repay the kindness of those of you who have agreed to give me a lift on some days by letting you know so that you don't have to blank out entire mornings in your diaries). Shouldn't the people with the least flexibility be given their appointments first?

The woman I spoke to didn't think so and point-blank refused to give me any times at all. It can't be the same woman I've just this minute spoken to (you didn't think I wouldn't phone back the next day with the same polite enquiry did you??!) who has just very kindly given them to me for Monday Tuesday and Wednesday without any fuss at all.

What a strange way of carrying on...


  1. Hi Belinda! Hope you have an enjoyable and relaxing birthday tomorrow (if my diary is correct), and trust the first session on Friday goes ok. We'll be thinking of you and keeping our fingers, eyes, toes and cheques crossed!
    Helen, Iain, Callum and Freya x
    PS: love the little ps from Lucy. What a star!

  2. Thanks all, and thank you very much for the card, well remembered! had a lovely time thanks. First radio ok - will update properly tomorrow Belinda x