Monday, 22 March 2010

hoping for the last time

Haven't really managed to shake the depression that that stay in hospital provoked - don't seem to be able to rise above it all. Hopefully the spring weather will lift my spirits over the next few days (don't tell me, snow is forecast?)

Off to my pre-chemo appt which I hope will show my blood count is high enough to have the final chemo on Wednesday. If not it slips by a week, as does my state of mind :-(

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  1. Helen H to Belinda - OMG! I have only just read your two latest diary entries, and can't think of what to say?
    How can the NHS be in such a mess, and how difficult can it be to treat people as intelligent human beings and involve them in their own treatment? I applaud you for not punching someone on the nose (or worse) and wish you the strength to see this latest treatment session through to a successful conclusion.
    Will be thinking of you on Wednesday! Love to all.
    Helen H x