Tuesday, 8 June 2010

burn baby burn

Well I am now sporting a massive area of brilliant to dark red, the worst of which is under my arm and "breast" and resembles a birthmark. It is very dry and sore and I am using up the world's supply of aloe vera (having ditched the ghastly paraffin-based aqueous cream that I had to use while the radiotherapy was going on - something to do with the zinc oxide in other creams that heats up under the rays). This means I am very sore and loathe to get too close to anyone on the left side, bend down or move my arm generally too much - just like after the surgery in fact!

FIve stars to the wonderful doctor Julia Murray who has continued to phone me, including before going off on holiday - now that's what I call service. And such a sensible and cost-efficient way of conducting things. The Marsden have truly pulled out all the stops for me - a nice way to round off the main bit of treatment.

Thanks Helen for the lovely (and indeed only!) response to my question about winding down the blog - I think you've understood perfectly what I meant. And you were definitely not someone I thought I might lose touch with!

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