Saturday, 29 May 2010

radio ga-gone

I was intending to put something on before my last radio appt but didn't quite get time. Anyway that's it, it's over. Now apparently I just sit and watch the burn increase for the next couple of weeks before it starts to recover. A bit like a joint that cooks in its own juices after you take it out of the oven and leave it to rest or, continuing the food analogy, my brother volunteered like something that continues to cook after you take it out of the microwave. Loads of aqueous cream continues to be the order of the day. There may apparently be some scarring that appears on the breast as the implant shows the damage - they reckon there's a surgical response for that in a couple of years time too. All this surgery... think I'll be trying my damndest to avoid as much of that as possible!

I was sent off for a chest x-ray and given antibiotics as this chest infection seems to be making the (extremely extremely helpful and attentive) registrar a bit twitchy. I think I get a follow-up phone call from her next week. I have been nothing but impressed by the Marsden - seriously helpful from beginning to end about everything. Really it's a shame about the nursing and communication failures at St George's - if it weren't for that I'd be truly in awe of the treatment I've received overall.

So I have a follow-up appt mid-July at the Marsden with the radiography team, another with the surgical team in Tooting also mid-July and I'm going to the Breast Cancer Haven in Fulham on Tuesday to start some follow-up and advice. Then it's just mammogram follow-up every year for 5 years from October until I'm into the ordinary screening programme. I'm waiting and seeing what happens with the hot water bottle on my back. Otherwise, er, that's it!

Anyway this raises an interesting philosophical point. Is this the end of the blog? Obviously the end of the treatment is only the beginning of the recovery, as my body has been knocked about, my immune system shot to pieces, and my body hacked around, so it might be of interest to explore how and when these improvements come along. (Ah, look, her first little plait!). Or should I just thank you all so much for your support and bow out gracefully? I feel there should be some sort of exit strategy or it could continue for ever! And of course there's always the risk that people could keep tabs on how I am without ever contacting me directly again - I could become a sort of cyber-person which would not be good. I want to know how you lot are too! I have an excuse for ringing round and catching up with people at the moment as I start to pick up my life again, but there may be some people that I just assume I've lost contact with who've actually been following this and wouldn't feel that they've lost contact with me at all! So I'd be interested to hear what you think. Let me know by comment, phone, e-mail, letter, in person, in code, marked ten pound notes, however you like. My inclination is partly to say, let's close it off shortly and hope I never have the occasion to revisit it. There'll doubtless be a few musings before I stop. What do you think?

Here's a contribution from Lucy:

Hi! I am very glad that Mum's treatment is over, but she still has to recover from the treatment. I cannot wait to put her hair into little bunches or plaits as it grows back! Yaaaaay! Back to you, mum!

From Lucy x

Bye for now, will post again when I have my treatment plan from the Haven.

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  1. Hi Belinda.
    Many congratulations on reaching the end of your treatment programme (and fingers crossed you don't have to go there again!). Your blog over the past 8 months has been fantastic for those of us reading it - especially when it is difficult to come up to Wimbledon to see you. However, I fully understand your need to draw a line under it, and concentrate on writing something more exciting - planning for your nutrition business perhaps? Either way, I will keep in touch, and wish you good health and happiness from now on. Love to all, from Helen, Iain, Calluma and Freya x