Monday, 11 January 2010

midway through the good bit

Feeling very well apart from a stinking cold which I am hoping to shift but is taking a long time going. And that despite all those injections to up my blood count. It's very strange knowing you have a cold that could turn into something serious - like the strangeness of so many of these not normal things. I have to keep taking my temperature to make sure it doesn't go up to 38 - once it hits that I have to check into hospital for a 5-day sojourn being intravenously fed antibiotics. Not that I've got any kind of temperature at all at the moment, but it's odd to have to tread on egg-shells so. Guess that's what life is like for so many people - allergies, hyperglycaemia etc.

One interesting thing I learned last chemo session which I forgot to mention is that chemotherapy has increasingly been used over the last ten years for a number of non-cancer conditions, e.g. arthritis and rheumatism. Now there's something I didn't know. Did anyone else out there?


  1. Hi Belinda
    There was I thinking you had stopped blogging. I didn't realise I had to separately click on the 2010 comments to pull those up. Stupid me!
    Good to here from you. Thinking of popping over soon to see these amazing wigs/bandanas/hats.
    Happy new year.

  2. Oh do you? May have to edit an earlier post then to tell people! Do pop over anytime - next chemo Wed. Haven't done the banadana bonanza yet tho - likely to be once recovered from the next session Bxx