Wednesday, 6 January 2010

retail therapy.

Decided that's my form of cure for feeling down. So Mike, the all-time king of shopping properly with females, and I, went to M&S to spend my voucher from the Pelham parents and another amount I had for clothes. I am now kitted out with a lovely few warming items that are attractive at the same time as cladding my steroid-adjusted bodyweight and hey presto! feeling better already. So thank you again you guys for the voucher, it has worked its magic, and you may now catch sight of me through the beautiful snow sporting a John Lennon cap over my wig. Looks more fetching than I ever used to. Oh and I've accepted I need a new television so we looked at those too.

Well the interesting bit to report is that I am now proudly capable of injecting myself. They sent me away with 5 injection kits that I have to administer to bolster my blood count so that I don't slip in the three-week cycle (apparently the annihiliation of the cancer cells takes 3 weeks so the next chemo ideally should follow straight on). Never had a problem with injections at all but the idea of doing it to yourself is supremely counter-intuitive to me. The nurse explained how to do it and that all I had to do was pinch an inch on the stomach to inject (as if I'd be able to find a spare inch anywhere on my body without going on a high-fat crash diet!). So I did it on Sunday for the first time and amazingly couldn't feel a thing. Astonishingly simple. Hope it doesn't give me any ideas for future highs after the treatment! Only joking.

Enjoy the snow! With the exception of people freezing or having nasty accidents, I think it's a damn fine thing - just think of it as Nature's way of saying stuff you humans, remember where on the planet's pecking order you stand and adjust properly by building a snowman.

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