Saturday, 7 November 2009

doing lunch

just to report that lunching with Janet at Limon yesterday (which was lovely, thank you Janet!) meant walking all the way to the foot of Wimbledon hill (bumping into Anna on the way) and all the way back and not feeling wiped out afterwards (or indeed tired at all), so I am taking great heart from that. I'm still a bit twitchy about crowds but getting less sensitive if anyone does knock into me anyway, so gradually feeling like I'm getting back to normal. Shame that's not the end of the story really cos of course every day brings the chemo nearer and I don't know what side-effects that will hold. But the feeling of tiny little improvements making such a happy difference continues, with its strange familiar echo from those early days of just having had a baby..!

And disappointing to hear, from Anne who visited yesterday, that my description of the nursing care on the recovery ward rang many bells with her about her recent experience there, but inspiring to the extent that I hope we will be collaborating on a letter to the Patients' Association and more importantly the Patients' Advisory Liaison Service. If anyone has similar experiences to share that they would like to add in to our letter please let me know, as this treatment is the last thing anyone should have to go through when they are vulnerable after major surgery like that. And there are many older and more infirm than us two going through similar things every day.

Have a nice weekend all.

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  1. Hi Belinda

    Have been thinking of you lots and have really enjoyed catching up on all your blogs. What a marvellous job Mike has done, he should consider a career in journalism! I am very proud of how well you have done, it all sounds very positive. Sorry to hear about your time on Keate, it is such a lottery as to who your inmates are! I do hope that the nursing care was mostly sound. We had a lovely time in South Africa but came back to colds and flu so just coming up for air now. I am glad to hear you are up and about and meeting up with friends. I'll give a call soon to see how you are. Onwards and upwards....! Katiexx