Tuesday, 3 November 2009

feeling less like an 80 year-old..

And I'm sure it's thanks in no small part to all my lovely visitors! Lovely to see you Jackie and Emma (and thanks for the fab advice about the physio, will definitely follow up) and looking forward to Gill popping round shortly and Janet taking me for a walk and a bite to eat Friday lunchtime. See there are positive things about adversity if you have good people around you to cheer you on!

Well I've ditched the painkillers except for overnight, the bruising's slowly starting to fade and (dare I believe?) there may just be a bit of a reduction of the swelling... I definitely feel the after-effects of the general anaesthetic have gone. Had Gabriel with me yesterday and we walked up to M&S, with him on my left-hand side and slightly behind me acting as a very effective bodyguard! I felt totally up to it when we set out and totally wiped by the time we got back (and he carried the shopping), so obviously I need to guage these things. Was out and about trick-or-treating with the kids on Sat and that was the same. To state the bleeding obvious, there is a massive difference between pottering around your own manor and walking in a straight line of more than ten steps round your neighbourhood! But I do need to get out and about so if anyone's thinking of visiting but would be prepared to take me for a short walk instead I would be delighted to do so (though avoiding crowds is advisable at the mo!). I can be let off the lead.

I am saying to (female) friends and family that if you want to see the surgeon's magnificent work I am happy for people to see. Just ask, or if you would prefer to wait until it looks less bruised and swollen ask later. If I have any reason not to I will ask for a raincheck, but the reason I am offering is because I am keen for anyone who is newly diagnosed to know that, of all the many things there are to worry about with this (and I have to say it is the cancer itself for me rather than caring greatly about the appearance of my boob), at least there is the comfort of knowing what a great job they can do these days. What used to be disfigurement from this is really a million miles advanced.

Going to the hospital on Thursday to empty the hot water bottle on my back again so onwards and upwards!


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