Wednesday, 18 November 2009

things you wouldn't want to do on your day off.

Had the oncology meeting this morning and the order of play appears to be that

1 I go in again next Wednesday so they can repeat everything I didn't take in and ask any questions I hadn't thought of and have a wig fitted (in what's called the orthotic services department);

2 I have a regular blood test and checkup appt on Monday 30th Nov then have the first chemo on 2nd December (AAAArghh!!!!!);

3 I then have the checkup and chemo repeated every three weeks, with a total of six treatments.

Brighter sparks among you will realise that that makes my second course due on the 23rd December, but they are prepared to slip it by a week if the prospect of nausea, possible sickness and all the other fun side-effects might ruin Christmas for me and those around me. And the real girly swots who know when my birthday is will be able to work out that it won't all finish until after that, at about the end of April/beginning of May.

This all assumes that there isn't slippage which can occur if my blood count drops or I get any horrible infections. Unfortunately the blood count leaves me very open to infection which can be life-threatening. So if I avoid you because you or even your nearest and dearest have a cold, please don't take offence, but I do find it sufficiently scary to be really prissy about it and would greatly appreciate it if you would go on the overly-cautious side with me if you were planning to visit and just don't!

I need to read up about all the other side effects of this wonderful cocktail I shall be taking and will let you know more once the full impact has sunk in (now you'll see the real wuss!!)


  1. Duly noted, and that is precisely why I haven't popped in to visit yet seeing as I never seem to not have a cold. At least now I blame Benjy for them and not Gabriel ;)

    Always thinking of you though, and getting asked if I have any updates by staff in the staffroom at school too so you're in their thoughts too. :)

    All the best *hugs*

    Jen xx

  2. Hi Jennifer, much appreciated as always. Do feel free to let people at school have the blog link if they want to look at it, they're very welcome.

    Belinda xx

  3. Hi Belinda
    Thanks for the various updates.
    Great news on some of your results so far.
    Save your strength for the treatments to come!!

  4. Belinda - Great news on your results!

    I'll pass this site address on to those in Gabriel's class, as obviously all are interested in how you are keeping

    Love Alex x x

  5. Hi Gill and ALex, thanks for your somments and yes please do pass it on to anyone who wants it Belinda xx