Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Cracking chemo, Gromit!!

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Hello to any blog followers still able to stand up after the excesses of the last few days!! There are currently four, sorry three, mince pies left in the tin in the kitchen, should anyone have the space....

Seriously though, (this is a joint effort - Mike typing, Belinda reclining and searching for inspiration in a Vita Sackville-West way, sorry turban. Belinda has just said she has Jennifer to thank for t'hat) today was FEC 2, our own variation on the movies and sequels we've been watching over Christmas.

Rather than a big green ogre (geddit?) there were two syringes of pinkish/red gunge that are reminiscent of cough mixture (Vita says flat cherryade) and some other lovely liquids and are supposed to be doing some good. They made Belinda's arm hurt a lot while the injections were going in :o( but she recovered from that :o)

The day did not begin well (nothing new here) when we arrived to find that the results of the blood test taken on the 21st December showed the blood count to be slightly too low for chemo. Unfortunately nobody thought to mention it until a message was left at 4:30 last night on B's home number (we were at my flat in Clapham) - too late to do anything! Sooo, blood was taken anew at 11:00, we went to do some shopping, went home and had some lunch, then went back at 3:30 for cocktails, todays blood test being fine. Still, at least it fills the day with activities instead of sprawling in front of the TV (which is giving off a wonderful green glow - anyone know a TV repair-person who could give a free opinion on fixability?)

So Belnda is now calmly waiting to see if the background nausea moves centre stage or if she has got in quicker with the pills than last time. She promises a full account of the transition to baldness and the unexpected reactions it engendered in her, just as soon as she stops being as green as the TV screen.

If we don't blog before, have a Happy New Year!! We'll be toasting the bells with ginger ale!!

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