Monday, 14 December 2009

feeling too well to update the blog!

Mike has told me off for this, pointing out that people would like to know if I'm feeling well as much as if I'm not. Quite right too, sorry. Since Wednesday last week I have been feeling what I can only describe as normal. Like a tangible sensation. The sort of thing that you don't feel ordinarily because it's, well, normal. But that you do feel if you wake up one day after a dragging cold or a week-long stomach bug and think "ah! I feel better" as an actual feeling and keep being reminded of all day.

There are only a couple of exceptions to this, one of which is the wave of tiredness which can suddenly hit but only seems to do when I've really gone for it and used up all stamina reserves. So last Wednesday for example, I was going to post an entry which went "Felt so well I decided to go to Kingston to experience a bit of Christmas atmosphere, which was fun but has pushed me slightly over the edge zzzzzz zzzzz" - but I was too tired!

The other is sensitivity of gums and mouth generally. Mouth ulcers is something they warn you about and I have felt I am right on the edge of them since the chemo. On Friday night I went with Mike for a lovely Christmas meal with one of his work firms and decided to have my one Christmas drink (couldn't resist the glass of fizz which I thoroughly enjoyed) which I think has bitten back by finally delivering two little ulcers. But they're not severe yet so fingers crossed they won't become so. Oh and a few spots which come and go.

Slightly disappointingly though, my arm seems to have stiffened up along the nerve which has become a bit taut and painful again, despite the fact I have only missed one session of exercises since the operation. :-( Hopefully this is not the onset of lymphodoema, which can set in even months after surgery, apparently.

Apart from that I am feeling almost fully energetic. And hairy! so, in Christmas TV classics vernacular, you won't yet be able to see the join! Onwards and upwards.

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  1. So good to hear... Long may the normal-ness continue! xxx