Wednesday, 2 December 2009

I've got the power!!

Cue dodgy late 80s dancing and human beatbox noises...

Owing to a somewhat anticipated reaction to the first chemo session, Belinda has handed over responsibility to me for tonight's briefing,

First things first, owing to that reaction B may be asleep a lot over the next couple of days and not want to be woken so if you want to check how she is with Liz (her sister who'll be here while I'm in Munich) or me, feel free to phone the home number. Feel free to send texts or leave messages on this site too.

As for today... well, we turned up at 8:20 for an 8:30 scheduled heart echo only to find the Cardiac Investigation room empty. Staff began to arrive without acknowledging us. When B asked what was happening we were told the desk would be staffed from 9am. When she said she'd been told to be there at 8:30 and had arranged childcare there was a flurry of activity and then.... nothing. I went off in search of action while B asked a gowned member of staff what was going on. The reply was rude and improper (words to the effect of "It's not my problem. Don't talk to me like that") but a scan was forthcoming and we got to the Chemo Day Unit in time.

The attitude there couldn't have been more different. Everything was clearly explained by kind and gentle staff. The treatment began just before 11 and was over by about 12. And then we caught the bus home!! And all was well until about 3pm when the effects of the anti-emetic tablets given before the chemo wore off and the feeling of sickness began.

As I write B is lying on the sofa struggling with reactions I can't begin to understand. She's been sick twice and hasn't been able to eat anything yet tonight. Might be down to the snack we had during the chemo....

On a different note, she has asked me to tell you about "What Can I Do to Help?" by Deborah Hutton. Its a fantastic book about dealing with cancer - both for the patient and those who watch and try to help. A big thank you to my friend, Henry Stewart of Happy Computers for the gift...

Signing off

Mike x

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  1. What can I say but, one down, five to go.
    Keep your chin up, mate! Lots of love to you from us in wet and windy Wiltshire. xx