Saturday, 17 October 2009

10am update: Once a barrister....

Now corroborated!!

I received a text from B this morning and have now spoken to her.

It seems the problems with pain management were more about a failure to adopt the mantra than anything else and I suspect that Belinda is contemplating legal action!

Anyway, she's now on Keate Ward (Bay 14), 5th Floor, St Georges Hospital, Tooting with a sore throat, a button to press for pain relief - and a bowl of rice krispies!! She sounds pretty tired but says whe has slept OK so far.

I'm going in at 3pm to visit so I'll update later after establishing visual contact.
Visiting is 3pm - 8pm for anyone who wants to go... but tomorrow/Monday may be better. If you want to check first, Call/text me after 4pm on 07794 178079.


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