Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Tuesday night

Evening blog followers

First, the news:

One drain has been removed, but may have to go back as there is a swelling under Belinda's arm
Said swelling is causing discomfort so pain relief is back
It seems unlikely she'll be out tomorrow

So B was a bit down tonight :o(

On the brighter side... how did she want me to put it? Oh yes, congestion has been eased - to her great relief!!

As for the blog, if you want to comment you can either:
  1. Log in using your own google or yahoo mail accounts;
  2. Create a googlemail account and use that or
  3. Use the googlemail account I've set up for the blog tonight.
To do this:
  • Click on the comments link under the blog entry
  • Type in your comment
  • When you're ready to post, select Google Account from the list
  • When the login screen comes up, type belindasnews@googlemail.com in the email box and belinda1 in the password
  • Follow the instructions and your comment will be posted.

If you do this, add your name at the bottom of your comment - and remember to SIGN OUT as soon as you've posted - just in case there's a queue!!

And don't start signing us up for SPAM mail!

I'm back in town tomorrow, so further news as soon as I have it.

M :o)

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  1. Hi
    Sorry to hear that Belinda's unlikely to be out tomorrow. Must be very frustrating.