Friday, 16 October 2009

"Op a success - problems with pain management"

As yet uncorroborated by Belinda!

I started ringing Keate Ward at 5:30pm and finally got the go-ahead to go in at 7:45.
When I got there she still wasn't back - and still hadn't arrived when I left at 9:15...

The night staff rang the Recovery Room before I left and found out that although the op was a success she was in quite a lot of pain and that the 1-to-1 care she was getting there was better than bringing her back to the ward. She had told the anaesthetist that she has problems with morphine and they were trying to get the right balance of non-morphine alternatives.

I seem to remember a mantra from my time in the NHS (non-medical!) that "pain is what the patient says it is".

I decided it was probably best to leave as she'd be exhausted when she finally got back.

I'll call in the morning and post an update then.

Good night all!

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