Thursday, 11 February 2010

PS for the day - part 1" update on the chemo" below!.

As an addendum to today's entry below, my brain appears to be working better at the mo as well, as I've realised I have been remiss in not thanking Emma (Meads) so much for taking personal responsibility for my falling-apart oven and getting the very kindly Garth who does kitchens to come round with her and them both to struggle with my grease-laden door and ancient super-glue to do a quick fix and allow catering in the household to continue! So for that and for all the other stuff you've looked after me with Emma thank you, you are a star and I'll source the best ginger cake for you I can find!

I also forgot to add on a hospital-based note that another of the classic indicators of failure of communication in the hospital is the red dot. They put this on your blood test form to indicate that you are a priority and can queue-jump because they don't want you hanging around where you could pick up nasty infections when you're on chemo. I have now met at least three other patients (and I was one myself until I noticed other people doing it) who have duly taken their number and waited for hours in amongst everyone else not realising they should stand at the door and go ahead of everyone. Furthermore they don't have a notice up anywhere explaining to the people with numbers that some people may legitimately be seen first (there wouldn't need to be anything on the notice saying why so I can't understand why they don't) so you get looked at daggers. All very preventable. So for anyone in this position - don't forget to ask for your red dot when given the blood test form at hospital or by your GP so that you don't have to hang around!

Meanwhile Anne (Thornton) if you're reading this could you please let me have the number of your friend who I was going to approach for this letter to the PLAS again as I can't find it - I haven't forgotten and still intend to write - you still willing to join in?

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  1. Hi Belinda,
    Glad your feeling so chipper today, and the oven's working again ;)
    I meant to catch you last friday when I saw you at school for, I presume, parent's evening (hope that went well) but you'd gone when I came out of the hall - next time I'll say hello first ;) Anyway, was just wondering if the kids were free next week. I'm working Tues and Weds as usual, but have the rest off. Let me know either way.
    Take Care
    Jennifer xxx