Tuesday, 23 February 2010

feeling better at last

It's taken more like a week and a half to recover from this one so that only leaves this week and a half to get things a bit sorted out, which really makes a difference (sub-text: the place is a tip). Doesn't fill me with anything but foreboding for the next one but at least when I've done that I can treat myself to the thought that there's only one after that and then it's over. (Pinning a lot on the radio not being so bad - foolish?)

Got my Open Uni 10-pt course (Human Nutrition) through the post so starting on that this week. For some reason it's making me feel like a kid with a new toy, I'm so excited. Are my horizons shrinking or am I finding a new lease of life? One annoying thing - as I am on Employment Support Allowance, the course is paid for by the OU, even though it's contributions-based not income-based benefit (interestingly it's different in Scotland, which seems a tad unfair!). Did they tell me at the Jobcentre about this wonderful training opportunity (and hundreds of thousands of other people)? Never mentioned it. WHY NOT? If they are so keen to get people back into work, particularly people like me who can't look for work at the moment but are still able to read a bit, wouldn't it be a good thing for people to be able to get some skills and show a future employer they have done something whilst out of work without having to lay out money to do it? I shall write in...

Anyway, study calls..


  1. Helen writes
    Congratulations on finding something mentally stimulating and I hope this helps take your mind off the ghastly treatment you are enduring so brilliantly.
    I wish you well with your studies, and look forward to hearing of your plans for a Nutrition-based business opportunity later in the year!

  2. Hi Belinda. Good to hear about your studies - that's great! Exciting times ahead. (o:

  3. Glad to hear you're feeling better, and well enough to actually start studying - that's amazing! Rog has done OU courses and recognises the 'new toy' feeling - says you'll enjoy it.
    We've been in France, so out of touch, and I reckon I could even beat the length of one of your blogs with the story of how we got back despite the French air traffic controllers!

    Gill H