Thursday, 11 February 2010

get the FEC behind me and bring me some T!

Well it's absurdly early to be posting something on the blog but Mike is getting a new bed delivered (hoorah!) between 10 and 12 so this one has had to be vacated ready. Do I mind this because I'm aching with flu-like symptoms and wiped out with tiredness? Bring hither the wood for me to touch - I feel absolutely fine and normal. Much better than on the FEC. Can it possibly last? That's what the wood is for. And bizarrely rather than feeling tired I was wide awake in the middle of the night for about two hours (not in a fretful way, just thinking time) but I'm not feeling sleep-deprived this morning either.

The only sign of anything is in my hips. When I was a student (and even a few times after that) there'd be stupid parties where I'd end up sleeping on the floor or in the back of my mini and wake up feeling like somebody had drilled a hole through my hips from the outside (no lewd thoughts required or remotely justified unfortunately) - I feel a tiny bit like that. But it could just be Mike's old bed I suppose... Don't know whether it's the steroids helping me (yes they're still around so I'm still a round for a while longer I guess) that I'm taking a higher dose of now and have to start the day before the treatment. The T treatment itself is a lot easier because it's just one drip for about an hour and a quarter in the company of a good book (food-related of course - terrifying stuff called The Omnivore's Dilemma" by Michael Pollan, rush out and buy), so that was all very comfortable.

And Mike's loving care and attention of course...

So all those of you who have been threatening me with lunch or even something more exotic (Biker, Catharine and Bernie, Louis), get yer diaries out and unless things take a downturn, I'm stepping out for the next three weeks!

Just a note quickly about the comments instructions - there is no need to worry about having to set up your own googlemail account as Mike set one up from the blog for you to use. I know one or two of you were bothered about that but it can all come from off this site and not from your e-mail address at all.

(I'm not going to talk about nostril hairs at this point, it would only spoil an otherwise optimistic entry! Perhaps I needn't even elaborate...)


  1. Hi Belinda,
    I am one of those people that has been reading and not commenting .... which does seem a little unfair, and I don't want you to stop writing. It is the most we've talked for years, although up til now, admittedly you've been doing most of the talking. Anyway, glad things are moving in the right direction and the 'T'stuff is better than the other stuff. Lots of Love, Emma (Kenny) ..... school friend of Belinda for anyone else reading this

    PS Your second career should definitely involve writing as well as food

  2. Hi Emma, thanks for this it's lovely to hear from you. Might i even be able to add you to the diary list? Perhaps you would fancy a jaunt to Wimbledon for Sunday lunch sometime - would love to meet you and yours and my kids are at that age where they love little ones so would be fun to get together - drop us an e-mail or a text and we'll sort something. and thanks for your comment about the writing - I'm hopeful about that! x