Friday, 5 February 2010

go on, give it another go!

It was so nice to get a comment yesterday from someone who has only just got the blog address - it reminded me that people are still reading this. But it does feel a bit like talking to a vacuum when you don't get any feedback which has sometimes (you may have noticed!) made me feel a bit less encouragavised to post anything, for which I have in turn been chastised! so for those it has so far defeated, I am re-posting the steps to follow. Just in case any of you are tempted to stare defeat in the face and proclaim "NO! I shall make this work"!

Going to Cannizaro with Karen and Helen today which judging by the beautiful weather will be lovely. Trying to ignore that Wednesday looms...and refrain from scratching my now spot-covered blotchy face. I can't work out (as with so many of these things) whether it is a swarm of tiny little midge things that seem to have infected one of my favourite plants and taken a fancy to me (biting things have always been more attracted to me than rich femninist men) or another effect of the chemo (it's not on the list I don't think). Whichever it is I could scratch my face off at the mo - very irritating. Witchhazel here I come.

Here goes:

• Click on the comments link under the blog entry (the one that says number comments after Posted by Belinda’s updates at time)
• Type your comment into the box entitled Post your comment. Don’t forget to put your name as otherwise it will come up as anonymous.
• When you're ready to post, select Google Account from the dropdown list next to Comment as:
• Press Post Comment
• For some reason it seems then to come up with Your request could not be processed. Please try again. So press Post Comment again.
• When the login screen comes up, type in the email box and belinda1 in the password. Do not tick stay signed in. Press the Sign in tab
• Fill in the word verification as requested and press the Post Comment tab.
• Remember to click on Sign out when the next blank Post comment screen comes up again.

Ah gowon. Gowon, gowon, gowon, gowon, gowon, gowon, gowon!


  1. Sorry, I obviously didn't read your instructions properly, so I'm trying again.


  2. Cool, you dunnit! Got 2 Gills now... Bx

  3. Hi Belinda!
    Am still keeping in touch with your remarkably personal, frank and enlightening blog. I will be thinking of you tomorrow and thank you for continuing to let us into your daily life, dealing with your situation in such a positive - yet honest - way.
    Keep your chin up, mate! Love from Helen and family in Marlborough x

  4. Thanks Helen, glad to know you're still keeping a watching brief! Did you see Oscar on telly the other day?

    Haven't mentioned the side effect of today's drug that affects nails and makes them anything from brittle and lined to totally destroyed and dropping off! Only because mine are always half-way there anyway and I've never been a manicure person - thought it would amuse you that my low vanity level means i don't mention it and several days down the line it turns out to be the worst side-effect I've yet had! Love to all Lucy lost her phone and has a new number by the way, though I think the jungle drums have ceased beating...just in case she's mistaken for ignoring anything though. Bxx PS it's just started snowing for my journey to Tooting!